The Fletcher High School Colorguard / Winterguard is a Regional Class AA / AAA state competitive team. The team is coached by equipment instructors, dance instructors, and drill instructors. 

  • The equipment instructors create the choreography performed with equipment and teach it to the guard.

  • The dance instructors create and teach the movement, choreography in the show.
  • The drill instructors focus on the position of the guard members relative to one another and to the boundaries of the performance area, in addition to where each member goes at which specific time during the performance. 

* In some cases, all of these roles are fulfilled by one sole director.

The FHS Guard team has two student leaders, a captain and co-captain. The captain has minor administrative duties and leads the team when instructors are not available. The captains are also the representatives of the guard during awards ceremonies or retreats.

During football/marching season, the Colorguard is a part of the “Pride of the Beaches” football, halftime, and competitive performances. 


During the winter season (January - March) the Winterguard performs its own show at FFCC competitions throughout the state.

FFCC - Florida Federation of Colorguards Competition